How To Find A Domain Name For A New Blog And Develop A Killer Brand

In a previous post I revealed a simple formula showing you how to find a niche market for your online business.

When you’ve selected your niche, you’ll need to name your business and create your brand.

Note: Your brand IS your blogs identity and it’s main purpose is to paint a visual picture that communicates what you have to offer.

It’s not about coming up with a cool name and a cute logo!

Elements Of A Killer Brand!

There are four important elements that communicate your blogs brand:

1) Name:

Everyday thousands of new blogs are published worldwide and it’s very easy to get lost amongst the noise, especially if you’re in a competitive niche. So keeping the name of your blog memorable, descriptive and different will help your site stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Your biggest challenge? Finding a name that communicates your brand in two or three words that has an available domain name to go with it – so be prepared to brainstorm.

I wish I could give you some magic formula for find the perfect name, but you know better than that, right? There are no magic formulas or easy buttons. Just like there’s no ‘right or wrong’ way to brand your business.

Just try to make it memorable and descriptive, and you’ll be heading in the right direction! And whatever you decide, make sure it’s easy to pronounce and spell.

Tip: When brainstorming potential names for your business, start with your base keyword and then think of descriptive ‘hint’ words that represent what you do or who you serve (your target market).

For example, my one of my mentors Lynn Terry is a full-time internet marketer and super affiliate who has a busy lifestyle and travels a lot, so as you can imagine she doesn’t have much time to cook.

After losing 20Ib on a low carb diet she founded where she shares low carb diet tips for busy people.

It’s descriptive and easy to remember, and it clearly communicates her brand (what she offers & who she serves). You know exactly what her site is about before reading any of her content.

2) Domain Name

Despite what you may have been taught in the past keyword rich domain names have very little weight on your search engine rankings. For a blog, your goal is to develop a killer brand and a loyal readership that come back for more – not just one time visitors from the search engines.

And for that reason, a branded domain name that matches the name of your blog will be much more effective than a keyword rich domain name.

.com Vs .net

Ideally you want a .com extension because it reaches a global audience and it’s recognized worldwide. But that’s easier said than done, I’m sure you’ll agree?

For example, before I registered I actually wanted to name my site ‘Strategic Blogger’ but the .com extension was already taken.

So why didn’t I register the .net extension instead? Great question! :)

A .net suffix is a top level domain (TLD) and some of the most successful blogs I know use a .net address such as ThinkTraffic and ProBlogger, so a  .net address can work.

BUT you have to be careful because if someone already owns the .com extension of your desired domain name and they are actively using it, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble with a lawsuit on your hands.

Plus, if you do register the .net extension and someone is actively using the .com extension, you’re going to miss out on traffic because people are much more likely to search for .com, not dot net.

The only time you should consider using the .net address for your desired domain name is if the .com extension is up for sale and you plan on buying it once you’ve established your blog.

In my example, redirects to another domain and I don’t know what the owner of intends to do with it in the future. So, instead of brainstorming new names for my site I decided to put a ‘stop’ word (the) in front of ‘Strategic Blogger’ and registered ‘’ instead. And if ‘’ becomes available in the future I’ll go ahead and buy it.

3) Logo

Now that you’ve decided on a name that meets the criteria above and you’ve registered the .com address for it, you’re going to need a logo that communicates your brand.

Don’t be tempted to use stock images or some random image off the internet because your logo should be unique, not a copy of a copy.

If you’re an expert using Photoshop get creative and design your own logo. If you’re a beginner, you don’t have to create a full logo, make a simple ‘wordmark’ logo instead  – that’s what I’ve done with The Strategic Blogger. A wordmark is just a basic logo using typography.

Alternatively, if you have a few hundred dollars to invest then I’d suggest using a professional service such as 99 Designs.

4) Tagline

Your tagline is like a headline and it’s primary purpose is to clarify ‘exactly’ what you do and how your blog benefits your readers. It’s job is to grab their attention, reinforce why your brand is different from your competitors and let your visitors know that yours is a blog worth reading.

Again, there is no ‘right or wrong’ way to develop your tagline and not every blog needs one. It all depends on how well your name, domain name and logo communicates what you do and who you serve.

If you struggle with this I suggest looking at other authority sites in your niche to see how they are doing things. It will get those creative juices flowing and give you some ideas of your own.

Okay, let’s have some fun. :) What’s the worse domain name you’ve ever registered or thought of? Mine was (lol). Who in the right mind is going to take a site with that name seriously? Not me, that’s for sure!

ALWAYS here to help!
Kerry Russell

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  1. says

    Hello Kerry, Very well worded post. I’ve always been told to start a blog using my name. Well since the boxer Roy Jones Jr. has full control if I wanted try any kind of SEO.

    But after some thought about it, I decided when I write my articles I do a very quick keyword research. I then write my article with the readers in mind. If the article needs to be keyword loaded then I pile them into the article. Sometimes putting in enough keywords to keep the search engines happy just makes the article boring and not interesting.

    So as I write I have the keywords floating in my head and inject them where they make sense but my main goal is too help the reader get the information they were looking for.

    So I decided to start my blog using my name and see how it goes. I haven’t been paying enough attention to it though.

    So what is your suggestion to make this brand stand out?

    • KerryRussell says

      Hi Roy,

      As you already know LOTS of successful marketers brand their name, so it’s obvious that personally branded domain names work.

      Personally, I think they work better for the established marketer who already has a following of some kind because their name is memorable. But that’s just my opinion. :)

      It’s a combination of ALL four elements that communicate your brand, so in your case you’d need to use your tagline to clearly communicate to new visitors ‘exactly’ what you’re about and how your blog can benefit them.

      Internet marketing is a very broad topic, so broad in fact that it would be extremely difficult to become an authority in that niche. Ideally, you want your site to focus on a central theme (a topic) and gear all of your content around that. You can always branch out at a later date.

      For me that’s blogging and the name of my site clearly communicates what I’m about, but I had to do my research first and get TOTALLY clear about WHO my target market is, who my competitors are and HOW I’m going to serve my market before I could develop or communicate my brand.

      Getting clear on all of this makes it much easier to visualize and develop a brand that stands out because you’ll know what your audience NEEDS and how to reach them.

      Then aim to create epic content that helps your market and go BIG on social media :)

      Hope that helps!


  2. says

    Hi Kerry,

    After reading your article about domain names which by the way it is an “eye opener” and after our very extensive brainstorming session I have decided and purchased a new domain that better reflects what my ideal audience would want.

    Remember? We had a few options for the domain name, such as:

    I find out very quickly that It is not that easy to find a meaningful domain name that reflects and will communicate the message to your target audience.
    Anyway, Kerry thank you so much for all your help and I will definitely be visiting regularly to get all your tips and valuable advise… I am already on your subscribers list!!

    Speak soon and take care.


    • KerryRussell says

      Hi Sofia,

      It’s been great brainstorming with you over the past couple of days, I know how frustrating the whole ‘finding a domain name’ process can be. :)

      I think was a great decision and it clearly communicates what your site is about.

      Good luck with your new project!


      P.S. Don’t forget to use your tagline to clarify the benefits a new reader can expect from your new blog

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