Celebrating My First Year as a Professional Blogger With a $100 Cash Prize Giveaway

In August 2013, The Strategic Blogger was just a vague, nameless idea I came up with after almost 3 and a half years of limited online success. This week, I’m excited to be celebrating my first anniversary as a professional blogger, and I’d love to celebrate this milestone with you. So, I’ll be giving away $100 in cash to one lucky reader, but before […]

How To Use Google Analytics Effectively For Strategic Blog Growth

So, you’ve installed Google Analytics. But there’s a problem. You don’t know what the heck to do with it next. The dashboard looks complicated, doesn’t it? At a glance, you can see where your traffic comes from. But that’s not enough! You need to know which traffic sources convert into email subscribers. Which traffic sources […]

3 Tools Smart Marketers Use To Simplify Their Blog Commenting Strategy

This post has been inspired after a recent conversation I had with Adrienne Smith, the undisputed queen of relationship building. I met Adrienne through Alex Jeffrey’s ‘Forward To Marketing’ coaching program in late December 2010, where Alex introduced us to blog commenting for the first time. Back then, marketers included blog commenting into their overall marketing strategy to […]

Top 5 Rookie Mistakes Guaranteed To Make You A Blogging Failure

So, let me guess. When you first started blogging, some so called guru made you believe it’s easy. You pick a topic you’re passionate about, buy a domain name, throw up a basic blog, share your knowledge and/or expertise in every blog post you publish… And before you know it, working just two hours a day, you’ll have an avalanche […]